Fearless Artistry Events


April, 2018
Los Angeles, CA (Dates forthcoming)
Filming for children’s education programs

March-April (Dates forthcoming)
Featured workshop storytelling artist
Arts for Racial Equity Program Planning

Tues., Jan. 30 (6:30-8 pm)
Arts for Racial Equity Program Planning

Sunday, Jan. 7 (6-8 PM)

Children’s jazz improv/storytelling workshop
Falls Church, Virginia


Wednesday, Dec. 20
Featured Article for Capital Bop
Review of  “Four Women” on Nina Simone
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Sunday, Dec. 10 (3-5 PM)
Featured puppet performer
Private birthday party

October 28-30 
New York, NY
Women’s National Book Association (WNBA)
Centennial Celebration & Leadership Meeting

Saturday, October 7 
Silver Spring, MD
Intersectional Storytelling Featured Performer
Children’s interactive puppetry workshop

September 9-10th
Writer’s Retreat
Workshop Coordinator & Timekeeper